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My start with CCEP

Out of all my apprenticeship offers from other companies, I chose the CCEP Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship due to the career prospects available to me post apprenticeship. I always want to push myself and don’t want the challenge to end after my apprenticeship, and CCEP would allow me to continue to pursue my dreams and improve my technical and interpersonal skills.

The encouragement I get from other women

I’m the only female within the Engineering Apprentice cohort at Sidcup, but across the apprenticeship programme there are talented young women completing the same apprenticeship as me. It’s amazing to have a support system who understand the challenges we face.

The support I receive from my male colleagues

I never see myself as different from my colleagues. My gender shouldn’t make a difference in my ability to complete a task or job. However, I’m not as physically strong as some of my colleagues. We all dismantle equipment which has been over tightened or tightened to a high torque, but my colleagues have taught me plenty of techniques that I can use to assist me with different tasks, and they are always on hand if I need additional support.

The networking opportunities for all apprentices

We have a variety of support networks within CCEP as well as mentoring support from those within the Early Careers team and Engineering department.

Sometimes apprentices visit other Supply Chain sites where we can share our findings on how we can improve current manufacturing practises and provide support within other areas. We may work at different Supply Chain sites, but we all work together as one team.

We have the annual Apprentice of the Year event where we can all gather in person and discuss how the last year has progressed and celebrate the senior apprentices’ graduation and the success of current apprentices. The event allows plenty of networking opportunities and we all stay in contact throughout the year.

My future after the apprenticeship

I will have achieved an NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Multi-Skilled Engineering, BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Engineering and HNC Level 4 in Electrical Engineering. Not only will I have achieved these qualifications, but I’ll also have additional training to do my job, such as Working and Rescue at Height Training.

After my apprenticeship I want to be a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer on shift and repair the equipment that we use to produce all the drinks within the CCEP portfolio.

Why women should take on an engineering apprenticeship with CCEP

You are constantly learning and always being involved in crucial projects that produce the well-known brands we all love. An Engineering Apprenticeship at CCEP is the best the industry has to offer. We fix the machines that make Coca-Cola and there isn’t anything that is better than that!

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