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CCEP interviews: hints and tips

Make the most of your chance to land that dream job. Maximise your preparation time to ensure you perform at your best on the day.

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Commonly asked questions

It helps to have a think about some common questions that get asked at interviews. Preparing an answer for these is a great way to give yourself a head start. They may sound like obvious questions but coming up with good answers often isn’t.

Here are a few to start you off.

Why do you want the job?Talk about your story. Your background, skills, experiences and passions. Draw on them to paint a picture of how and why you’ve arrived here today. Any research you’ve done on the role will come in useful here.

What are your strengths? Pick two or three that you think are relevant to the job. Prepare to demonstrate your strengths by way of previous personal examples. Think about how these can link back to our Ways of Working.

What are the areas you’d like to improve in? Pick something you've taken steps to further develop. Like the ability to embrace constructive feedback as it allows for self-improvement. Remember, we are always learning.

What’s been your greatest achievement? Highlight one relevant to the job but prepare several examples. Bonus points if you can relate it all back to our Ways of Working.

Any questions you’d like to ask? Think about anything you might not be clear on. And don’t be afraid of being bold!


There’s a best practice technique you can use to answer questions linked to our Ways of Working. It’s called the STAR technique:

Situation        - what was the situation and when did it take place?

Task              - what task was it, and what was the objective?

Action            - what action did you take to achieve this?

Result            - what happened as a result of your action?

Relax, you’ll be great!

If there’s something you’re not clear on, ask. It’s okay to need clarification. And try not to overthink everything. There is no perfect answer. Finally, this might sound obvious, but plan your journey. Allow plenty of time for unexpected delays so that you can arrive relaxed and ready to go.

What if I'm doing a presentation?

Make sure you’re clear on what you’re being asked to do and what format we expect your answer to be in. Get plenty of practice in beforehand and time yourself speaking. Asking someone to listen to you is really helpful too.

And don’t forget to smile! Make eye contact, stand up and take time to breathe.

Finally, remember one thing: if you’re going for a new opportunity with us, believe in yourself… you can do it!

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