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At CCEP, we strive to remain agile and resilient in this world of constantly evolving technology. NXT LABS are our answer to collaboration when we can’t all put our heads together in the same room. Whether you’re showcasing your latest and greatest innovation, or co-creating across the globe, NXT LABS are here to immerse you in the task at hand.

Here’s everything you need to know:

To start with, it’s pronounced ‘next’. This is fitting for these futuristic spaces, where you can make your digital landscape a reality by merging the physical and digital aspects of what we do. In a nutshell, these spaces can adapt to people and functions as needed to completely dive into your big idea, and take your team on a journey as you move through it. Think huge, interactive displays and modern, ergonomic rooms, complete with VR headsets.

These labs have become reality so we can better enable our employees, partners, suppliers and stakeholders to meet and ideate together. It’s important for us to be able to access all aspects of what makes us tick here at CCEP, the physical and digital aspects from our collaborators all over the world. NXT LABS serve to provide training and inspiration around data and technology in a way that we’ll best make use of it these days – as a hybrid of virtual reality and physical in-person demonstrations. This tech is here to enable community – for all our colleagues to enjoy and see their work brought to life, together.

While the possibilities are limitless, this is how we envision NXT LABS in use:

  • Enabling co-working that’s as rich and informative as in-person collaboration.
  • Providing training for and inspiring team members across the business.
  • Immersive and powerful events hosting for key stakeholders.
  • Illustrating our digital landscape, and how it merges with the physical.
  • Shared experiences to learn, present, and enjoy with colleagues.

Our teams already use three NXT LABS where they concept new ideas and innovate in support of our mission to become the world’s most digitised bottler. The physical spaces in Barcelona and Berlin are set up to showcase and digitise our customer service and supply chain, while our London HQ lends itself to commercial and workplace focus.

While we’ve located these in some of our key markets, all NXT LABS work in conjunction with our other sites for meaningful global collaboration. NXT LABS are an essential step on our mission to become the world’s most digitised bottler, enabling ideation in our teams through exceptional tech.

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