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Khyrie didn’t always have the confidence to work in an office, nor could she find many employers who would give the opportunity due to her lack of experience. She says it’s a vicious cycle: you need a job to get the experience, but you can’t get one without it. But she found a way out of that cycle by applying to the apprenticeship scheme at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP). Khyrie saw that we were more interested in her personal qualities, like self-motivation and a desire for growth.

Question: What made you decide that you wanted to pursue an apprenticeship scheme?

“I was already sure on what I needed to start my career – which was to learn as much as possible about business administration, and to gain enough experience that I felt confident to pursue it as a career. This particular apprenticeship gave me just that and a lot more.”

Question: What was the application process like for CCEP’s programme?

“The application process was surprisingly easy, which I was grateful for. I didn’t have to waffle on writing pages, begging to be accepted. It was a while from completing the first application to starting my first shift, but this couldn’t be helped as it was due to Covid.”

Question: When did you join the programme and how has your experience been?

“My first day was January 10th 2021. To be honest, it was difficult. These were peak Covid times and I worked remotely. I worried I wouldn’t have the opportunity to make any work friends. It was tough to reach out to people that I had never actually met. Thankfully, when we were able to come into the office again, I really enjoyed myself and became good friends with everyone. People will come over to check on you, and you don’t feel like a burden because everyone is so kind and friendly.”

“I am in a group of apprentices who are on the same course as me, and though they live in London, we come together for group sessions with our development coach over team calls each month. It’s nice to break up the working week by doing these kinds of sessions. We’ve had some really fun events throughout the year too. They treat their apprentices very well here!“

Question: What is your favourite part of working at CCEP?

“I really appreciate how the possibilities are endless in terms of where you can go within the business. If you have the right attitude and the motivation, you can progress far. I also love how everyone is committed to supporting each other. If you are ever struggling, people here will want to help you.”

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