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At the heart of our production, manufacturing and distribution of products, is our supply chain function. Within our manufacturing function we have 6 locations; Sidcup, Edmonton, Milton Keynes, Wakefield, Morpeth and East Kilbride. At these locations our machines can produce over 100,000 bottles an hour.

Coca-Cola and many of our other soft drinks start life as a base syrup. Very few people know the secret recipe of a Coke and to protect it, the syrup arrives at our GB factories in two parts, which need to be mixed in the right proportions. Once mixed, we dilute the syrup with water and add sugar or sweetener to it. If it’s sparkling, we add carbon dioxide to give the fizz, and then fill and package bottles or cans on automated production lines ready to be delivered to our customers.

Before we can deliver this product to our customer, the bottles or cans go through our quality assurance team. And as a member of our quality assurance team, you would be there every critical step of the way. This ensures that our product is safe for everyone to enjoy!


Our locations - 


Sidcup Operations plays a pivotal role within the CCEP network, producing around 50% of the GB SKU portfolio. The site offers a one stop shop to the GB Market with a range of packages that are single sourced from Sidcup, such as Aseptic products and the wide portfolio range of small cans. Across their 10 manufacturing lines the site can produce 360,000 cans per hour, 132,000 PET bottles per hour and 48,000 Glass bottles alongside Pouch production for Capri Sun. There are currently around 270 employees across Manufacturing, QESH and Engineering.

Our locations - 


Edmonton Operations produce 50 million cases of drinks per year across their 7 manufacturing lines. The site can produce up to 142,000 litres of drink per hour consisting of both PET and Glass bottling. They are the only site in GB to produce our Oasis Drinks. There are over 200 people across Manufacturing, QESH and Engineering.

Our locations - 

Milton Keynes

Our Milton Keynes Cold Drink Operations Centre is responsible for the purchase, distribution and refurbishment of all our cold drink equipment throughout GB. Every piece of dispensing equipment comes from here.

The Centre is also home to our Contact Centre which is a 364 days a year, 7 days a week operation to support with calls ranging from equipment service requests, new business enquiries and machine movements as well as internal support for our Field Engineering Team and New Business Team. The Telefix team is also based here, offering over the phone support to our customers to help get their equipment functioning.

Our locations - 


Wakefield Operations is the largest plant in CCEP and the biggest soft drink plant in Europe which produces around a third of GB’s volume across their 8 manufacturing, 2 preform and 1 repack lines. The site itself covers the a similar area to 15 football pitches. The site can produce 420,000 cans per hour and 116,000 bottles per hour. There are over 300 employees across Manufacturing, QESH and Engineering.

Our locations - 


Morpeth Operations is the only site which creates our iconic GLACÉAU Smartwater and Abbey Well in GB. The site is capable of manufacturing still and sparkling water in PET bottles. They currently produce 13 million cases of drinks per year. With just 40 employees at our Morpeth site, they currently produce 13 million cases of drinks per year.

Our locations - East Kilbride

Our East Kilbride Operations produce 18 million cases of drinks per year across their 6 production lines - 2 glass bottle, 2 PET bottle and 2 pouch lines. With our 165 employees based at this site, this is the only part of the GB manufacturing operation that produces our Appletiser products in glass.

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