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CCEP wants to create an environment where each of us can be at our best, feel a sense of belonging, enjoy positive health and happiness – all anchored by our conversations, CCEP community and culture.

CCEP offer wellbeing training that explores the four domains of energy and the impact they have on our wellbeing and performance.

  • Physical: Sleep, fitness, nutrition and regular daytime rest
  • Emotional: Positive emotions that help us perform
  • Mental: Attention and focus, as well as a balance of tactical and big picture thinking
  • Spiritual: The energy of purpose and doing something meaningful

In our training sessions, we:

  • Bring our wellbeing and energy front of mind
  • Pay attention to our four sources of energy and the impact they have on our wellbeing
  • Begin to build or adjust our energy rituals to increase the energy we bring to our work and our lives

“Learning about the energy grid and the ways I can influence my energy inside and outside of work has been a game changer, and I feel like I know exactly how to operate at my best level, and what to do when I start to dip.” — Jack Cumming

“Just being able to understand the different energy pillars and then plan in activities when I know I’m lacking in one has made a massive difference.” — Sam Crabb

“This has been a thoroughly rewarding experience and one that I’ve gained more out of than I anticipated.” — Wendy Savides

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